Kamea is a company with many years of tradition since 1996. Its main purpose is to design and create elegant, stylish and fashionable women's hats and other autumn-winter accessories. The years of experience have consolidated the position of the company not only in the domestic market but also internationally.
Accessories offered by Kamea are characterized by high quality. Materials used in the production process are imported from the best and tested suppliers. Kamea takes care of everyone, even the smallest detail at every stage of production - starting with the phase of search for inspiration, design, choosing the best quality fabrics and yarns to finishing and packing finished products. Kamea uses only the finest quality woolen and acrylic yarns. The main goal of the company is the comfort, convenience and satisfaction of every customer. The variety of forms, colors and additions will make every woman find the perfect product for herself.
Kamea's highest quality product was confirmed by the prize given in the Gold Seeds of the Clothing Industry in the category of headgear in 2014. It can be said that for many years millions of women during the winter season choose proven, comfortable and original Kamea caps.