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2017-11-28 - Kamea headgeare

From October, beautiful Kamea caps are available in our store. Please be welcome to review the offer and purchase. Kamea is a Polish manufacturer with many years of tradition, and we decided to cooperate with him, because the products offered meet our exuberant expectations in terms of quality and design.

Willi headweare

czapka damskaHat patterns are created by Willi designers. Hats are manufactured in Poland from 100 percent Czech natural wool. The Company is committed to the highest quality, which is why products are made by hand, often in traditional technology "hand made". Each hat passes rigorous quality control at every stage of production - has not happened to us in the complaint related to improper performance. The latest collection is multicolored, surprising, enriched with spectacular extras and a limited series of sets.
The warranty on all Willi products is 12 months.

Mellodi pijamas

Desiree CorderoBeautiful and sensual women's Mellodi pajamas signed by Miss Universe 2015 - Desiree Cordero. It is difficult to say whether they are more for women, or for their chosens. One thing is certain - the pajamas will highlight the charm of every lady. And if we add to this, that they are comfortable, made from the highest quality materials and with the utmost care, there's no more need to be said.
The warranty on all Mellodi products is 12 months.